Paint Protection Films


Installed on new and used vehicles, Paint Protection Film is a nearly invisible film that is applied to the painted surfaces of your car (hood, fender, bumper, mirrors) to protect them from road debris. It is designed to cover the main impact areas on the front of your vehicle that get blasted daily with rocks, bugs, and salt from those dreaded New England highways. Most importantly, it will save you money from costly repairs whether you own or lease the vehicle.

Most of our Paint Protection patterns are computer cut and are available to us through our database of pattern configurations. We use the industry leading software pattern database by XPEL in addition to our hand and custom cutting options that are available if more coverage is needed.

The Product
Made of an 8-millimeter (.008″) thick, clear urethane plastic, Paint Protection Film was initially designed to protect helicopter blades from debris during the Vietnam War. Since then, various auto manufacturers and NASCAR teams have used it to protect painted surfaces from rocks and debris.

The Install
Tint Master is an authorized installer of XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. However, even the best paint protection film on the market could look like the worst if not properly installed. We have been installing films for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and attention to detail. There are many factors that determine how a paint protection install will turn out and less has to do with the type of film than the type of installation. Although you may save a few bucks on using an inexperienced installer, you should always have a factory-trained professional install your kit or you may be sorry in the long run.

Film Warranty
Warranty coverage includes the Paint Protection Film be free of defects in materials and manufacture – including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking.

  • XPEL Ultimate Plus – 10 years

Installation Warranty
Tint Master warranties all installations to the customer’s satisfaction. We take pride in our installations and want to earn your business not just today but for the years to come. That is how we’ve been able to survive for 30 years in the business and hope to provide our customers with 30 more.